Get 5-15 Qualified Sales Calls Every Month
OutboundHero runs your outbound lead generation on a pay-per-qualified-call basis.



Kickoff Call
90-minute session to understand your offerings, buyer personas, and existing sales assets.


List Building
Develop a segmented, high-quality lead list using AI-powered personalization.


Campaign Setup
Create custom email templates, sequences, and workflows to launch your campaign.


Email Infrastructure
Setup your secondary domains, email accounts, and deliverability monitoring.


Campaign Launch
Send targeted emails, optimize performance, and generate high-quality leads.


Lead Management
Respond to inquiries, pre-qualify leads, and book sales calls automatically.


Reporting & Optimization
Analyze campaign metrics, test variations, and refine your outreach strategy.
Can you connect to my CRM?
Yes, we seamlessly integrate with common CRMs, such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and others.
What if we already have SDRs and AEs?
This will work for you because we will be sending out emails on behalf of you or whoever you'd prefer. Opt-out lists and leads will be continuously synchronized with your sales CRM so there's no overlap.
What happens if it doesn't work?
If your company does not see at least 10 qualified meetings within 90 days, you simply do not pay.
Do you provide samples of cold email scripts and personalized lead lists?
Yes. Please enter your email address in the following Google Form, and mention either "cold email script sample" or "lead list sample":
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