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Add 5-15 Qualified Sales Meetings Per Month To Your Calendar On Autopilot
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The Problem
What bad lead generation is costing you…

Missing your growth targets

Spending too much time and energy away from core responsibilities

Having to rely on referrals and word of mouth leads
The Solution
Consistent lead flow on a pay-per-qualified-meeting basis

Supercharge your business growth by attracting a consistent flow of leads. Take control of your business growth and scale it aggressively.

Get a consistent flow of quality leads. No more worrying about where your next client will come from. Each lead will match your ideal client criteria.

Grow your business without high expenses. We focus on performance, not costly strategies like SEO, paid ads, or in-person events.
Hiring another in-house SDR vs. Spencer Sells Tech
What They Do
Fixed salary, commission, benefits, and software costs
High recruiting time investment and potential outside help costs
High onboarding time involvement for trainings and processes
High management time involvement to ensure performance and execution
No guarantee of success
Bad CRM data hygiene
What We Do
Fixed setup fee + pay-per-qualified-meeting only
No recruiting investment
Low onboarding time investment: 90 minute
Low management time investment: ~10 minutes per week
Guarantee: 5 qualified meetings in 75 days
CRM Data is automatically synced
The 'AI-Powered Prospecting' System


First, we do a deep dive into your business.
We'll conduct a 90-minute onboarding call to gather details on your offers, ICP, and existing email scripts for a comprehensive sales asset. The email sending infrastructure will be set up and activated post-call.
We will build and provide you:
  • Email Account and Domain Infrastructure
  • Segmented Verified Lead Lists With AI Personalizations
  • Cold Email Sequences
  • Cold Email Subsequences
  • Automated Calendly Workflows


Then we launch your campaign
Once your assets are created and approved, we launch the campaign, sending targeted emails to your ideal audience. We conduct split tests on copy and audience segments to optimize results and generate high-quality leads. Additionally, we provide insights into your domain and email account deliverability, along with open rate tracking.
At this step you will receive:
  • Lead Magnets
  • Sales Assets
  • Email Sequence Variant Testing and Optimization


Finally, you get sales meetings on auto-pilot with little human involvement
We launch campaigns, manage responses, pre-qualify the prospect, and book sales meetings directly on your calendar, completely done-for-you. We prioritize efficiency and high deliverability for your cold outreach, ensuring it's relevant and reaches the primary inbox. Our end-to-end approach streamlines prospecting, ensuring a steady flow of pre-qualified discovery meetings on your calendar.
Here's what we do for you:
  • Response Management
  • Reply Templates
  • Objection Handling
  • Qualified Sales Meetings
  • Frictionless Post-Call Feedback
What does the pricing structure look like?
Our pricing is dynamic and based on client needs, what might work for one of our clients may not make sense for you, and vice versa.
With that said, even if the numbers match up, we might not be a good fit to work together.
Finding out if we are, and whether the numbers match up can be accomplished on a short call.
Why can't I just do this myself?
You definitely could, but do you really have the time, energy, and patience for that?
Can you connect to my CRM?
Yes, we seamlessly integrate with a wide range of CRMs, such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and others.
What if we already have SDRs and AEs?
This will work for you because we will be sending out emails on behalf of you or whoever you'd prefer. Opt-out lists and leads will be continuously synchronized with your sales CRM so there's no overlap.
What happens if it doesn't work?
If your company does not see 5-15 meetings in 75 days, you simply do not pay.
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